EDI Refurbished

The EDI Refurbished systems, often referred to as “Patient Ready” systems, first undergo a thorough testing and evaluation prior to the refurbishing process to identify deficiencies and needed parts.

This refurbished system is less expensive than a full remanufactured system because we save some labor hours in the complete breakdown and painting.  The system covers are painted as normal in the paint booth, but we don’t dismantle the “c” in a c-arm or the column in an AMX-4 Plus.  We sand them down and paint them on the system.  The aesthetic difference between the refurbished system and the remanufactured system is minimal.  This refurbished system is fully repaired with new parts as needed. It is also cleaned, sterilized and calibrated and is sold with a 6 month parts warranty.

This HIPAA compliant refurbished system will look and run like a new unit!


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