AMX-4 PLUS Portables

The AMX-4 PLUS is the most reliable portable on the market. For over twenty years hospitals have relied on the dependability of the GE AMX-4 portable for their imaging needs.

The EDI process guarantees that each AMX-4 Plus system will operate like new and be useful for many years to come.  See Purchase Categories for details on our three offerings: Remanufactured, Refurbished, and Repaired/Recertified AMX-4 Plus systems. Click Downloads below for our brochures!



  • Structural reinforcements
  • All worn and broken parts replaced
  • Current upgrades and FMIs
  • Column +/- 270 degree rotation
  • Horizontal arm rebuilt
  • Rebuilt Base assembly
  • Latch upgrade
  • Upgraded Charger Board
  • AMX-4 Plus HV cables
  • AMX-4 Plus main cables
  • Noise suppressors
  • Base anti-static grounding cable
  • Collimator Rebuilt
  • All bearings replaced as necessary
  • New hand switch with new cable
  • Chassis reinforcement
  • New collimator cable
  • New rotor cable
  • New Super Flex HV Cables
  • Cross-hair window replaced
  • New arm lock
  • New Batteries charge cycled
  • All bearings replaced as necessary
  • New bumper pads
  • High frequency generator
  • GE AMX-4 Collimator
  • 100 mA constant.
  • 4 kVp stations
  • kVp 50-125.
  • 30 mAs stations.
  • mAs 0.4-320.
  • LED display.
  • Rotating Anode X-Ray tube
  • MX-75 275kHU Focal spot .75mm
  • Variable speed motor drive

EDI AMX4 Brochure Refurbished

EDI AMX4 brochure Remanufactured