Eastern Diagnostic Imaging is the experts choice for used x-ray systems. We specialize in GE and OEC systems that can be remanufactured, refurbished or repaired. Need help deciding what type of used x-ray system you need? Consult our product category matrix (below) to make an informed decision about what system is right for your organization. Still have questions, call our experienced team!

Pre-owned Product Categories





Product Categories

Used x-ray systems come in many flavors. Here is how EDI defines the different types of used systems that we sell. Any questions, contact us!


All EDI Remanufactured systems undergo a thorough testing and evaluation prior to the remanufacturing process. This identifies all deficiencies and needed parts.

The system is then completely dismantled. Structural assessments and repairs are made, new batteries are installed, bearings inspected and replaced, all external parts painted, internal parts replaced by necessity as well as proactively, and a complete cleaning and sterilization of the system is performed. The system is then reassembled, tested and calibrated.

This HIPAA compliant remanufactured system will look and run like a new unit, and carries a full year warranty on all parts.


The EDI Refurbished systems, also known as “Patient Ready” systems, first undergo a thorough testing and evaluation prior to the refurbishing process to identify deficiencies and needed parts.

A refurbished system is less expensive than a full remanufactured system because of hours saved in the complete breakdown and painting. However, the system covers are painted as normal in the paint booth. We don’t dismantle the “c” in a c-arm or the column in a portable x-ray system. Then, we sand them down and paint them on the system. The aesthetic difference between the refurbished system and the remanufactured system is minimal. A refurbished system is fully repaired with new parts as needed. It is also cleaned, sterilized and calibrated. They all come with a 6 month parts warranty and are HIPAA compliant. Refurbished x-ray systems look and run like new x-ray systems.


In addition to our line of remanufactured and refurbished systems, EDI offers these x-ray systems as Repaired and Recertified equipment.

The difference between these systems and other repairedthat at EDI they are repaired as necessary and they are also cleaned, tested and calibrated. You don’t have to worry about buying an “as-is” unit and inheriting someone else’s problems.

Our HIPAA compliant Repaired and Recertified systems are guaranteed to work, and they carry a 30-day parts warranty. They are a wise choice for the budget conscious customer.