A Need-To-Know Basis

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You are on a need-to-know basis. And I believe you need to know things. My dad always told me what he thought I needed to know. The rest I learned on my own. For instance, he taught me how to mow the lawn. And he taught me that mowing the lawn before he had to mention it was a good way to keep from getting hollered at. And then I learned on my own that mowing through his rhubarb patch made it hard to sit down for a day or so. I had no idea he liked rhubarb so much. I like it too, but the deprivation of such does not make me want to spank people.



Later in life, it was my dog who put me on a need-to-know basis. Although he barked constantly at just about everything, he eventually taught me that silently staring at me meant “Arf! I really need to go outside!” And that was fine, except when he did that at four o’clock in the morning. Then, his frustration with my learning curve became apparent by five. And it had nothing to do with barking. Or rhubarb. But at least he was always trying to tell me, as my dad did… what I needed to know. The rest I had to experience on my own.

So here is what I think you need to know.  

Eastern Diagnostic Imaging can provide you with the highest quality remanufactured x-ray products in the market, at an exceptional price. That means that you will save the money, and you will save the aggravation. What you need to know is that we guarantee our quality. It’s your satisfaction that you will experience on your own.

I will begin to share more about EDI, more about me, more about our products and more about the purchasing considerations you have when you are looking for x-ray equipment. Because I believe you need to know things, and I believe you deserve to know things.