At EDI, we don’t like orders.

I mean, who does, really? I’ve been given orders all my life and it always seemed to be a one-way deal. When I was young, I had one coach who ordered me to sit on the bench and be happy about it. When I inquired as to the exact nature of my proposed happiness, he said because there was a lesson there. I was thinking… like what?  Like maybe I need to learn that I’m not any good at baseball? And at home I had plenty of orders, too. It was either mow the lawn or clean up your mess or take out the trash or stop that or you’ll need glasses. Hey, I’m talking about watching TV in the dark. Anyway, I didn’t like any of those orders. 


Later on in life, my professional life was no different. I was in field sales for years, and once after a particularly poor presentation, a customer told me that he had three orders for me: Get out. Stay out. Don’t come back. It wasn’t the first savage blow to my ego (and certainly not the last I would suffer), and it actually crossed my mind to fake a heart attack or pretend to faint or do something like writhe on the floor of his office until he felt sorry for hurting my feelings. But instead, I stood up and put on my glasses (which of course I don’t actually need) and thanked him for his time.

I don’t like orders, and neither does EDI.


At EDI, we like partnerships.
And that’s because a partnership, unlike an order, is not a one-way relationship. We are interested in your business not only today, but tomorrow as well. Our responsibility as partners is to provide you with high quality remanufactured x-ray products that make you choose us again. We accomplish this through an extensive remanufacturing process, highly competent installation assistance, and after-sale technical support that is unmatched in the industry. If you’re happy, we’re doing our job. And if we’re doing our job, we won’t be sitting on the bench.

Maybe my coach taught me a lesson after all.