I don’t like it when people say things they don’t really mean. Recently, a friend told me that I felt like a brother to him. Had his brother not been a knucklehead, I might have been honored by that comment. I hope he didn’t really mean it.

My doctor once told me that he was looking forward to seeing me again. That was after a very thorough annual physical, I might add. I really hope he didn’t mean that.



And a few years ago, my dog of 16 years sadly had to be euthanized. The receipt of said procedure, handed to me by the receptionist at the vet clinic, contained a smiling picture of the veterinarian wearing a bow tie to emphasize his glee. Next to his picture was written, “It was my pleasure to treat your pet today. Have a nice day!”

Have a nice day? Huh?

I’m not making this stuff up. Anyway, I guess I’m saying that it can be aggravating when people say things that they don’t mean, or at least that you hope they don’t mean. I know you understand. I mean after all… I feel like a brother to all of you.

In a similar fashion, I don’t like it when people make empty promises.

“I’ll definitely stay in touch!”, they said. And they didn’t.

“Of course you’ll be invited!”, they told me. And I wasn’t.

“Just be honest and I promise I won’t get angry!”, they all said. And they all did.

People make empty promises all the time. They say things that they don’t really mean. Some sales people can be particularly adept at this, especially while hiding behind their computers. There are great sales people out there, and I know many. But don’t be fooled by a pretty picture on your computer screen, or the lofty claims, or even the impossibly low price.

You need to develop a level of trust before making your first purchase from anyone. So do some online research on the company. Their website should give you a good feeling about them and the people who work for them. It should provide you with valuable content and a clear message. It should give you names, addresses, a little personal information and photographs of at least one bald guy, maybe two. Meet your vendors in person if you can. Talk to them on the phone. Definitely read their blogs.

In a previous blog, I promised you that I would continue to share more about EDI, about me, and purchasing considerations. And I did. See? That’s how it’s supposed to work. We’re in a relationship now!

Here is another promise. EDI will deliver high quality remanufactured x-ray equipment at a competitive price, with after-sale support that is unmatched in the industry. Our goal is to become your partner in imaging while providing you with the quality and integrity you deserve.

Pinky Promise

Well, it was a pleasure to correspond with you again. Have a nice day! I absolutely mean that. I promise!