The Best Remanufactured X-Ray Equipment – I swear!

I swear. And yes, it might be more socially acceptable if I didn’t, but sometimes it’s simply a necessity. For example, a while ago my son thrust open a door in my home with enough force to cleanly remove the toenail of my previously handsome-looking big toe, which had been minding its own business behind said door. And immediately after the one millisecond of painless shock and bewilderment that usually follows big toe trauma… out poured the string of sounds and words about which the neighbors would discuss for weeks in hushed voices. And I must admit, that was by far the most creative and heartfelt collection of profanity that has ever burst through my tonsils. That is, until I went fishing.

I got hooked by a fishing lure. Right through my finger. And the worst part was that there was an angry striped bass hopelessly hooked on the other end of that lure and flopping around, thereby providing sufficient incentive for me to invent brand new cuss words for mankind. I belted out such creative expletives that I most certainly increased my social stature among other such literary challenged beings. But that elevated status was temporary, and balanced by the humiliation that followed. I was alone at the time, with my cell phone buried in my pocket, which was opposite my free hand. So in order to get at that phone and call for help I had to drop my pocket to the ground if you know what I mean. So when help finally did come, I was standing on the beach in my boxer shorts and hooked to a striped bass.

And of course, I was still swearing.

At EDI, we’re hooked as well. But it’s different.
We’re hooked on customer satisfaction.

As your imaging partner, we will provide you with the highest quality remanufactured x-ray equipment and after-sale support in the marketplace. By doing our job well, we make your life easier. 

GE R&F X-ray Room

We are now able to provide remanufactured GE RF rooms with a dynamic panel, eliminating the image intensifier altogether! We combine the new CPI Indico IQ generators with the new Varex Nexus dRF systems, and these remanufactured rooms are at a fraction of the cost of new digital RF rooms on the market. We also can provide upgrade solutions to your current GE RF rooms. This is the future of imaging, so you don’t want to get caught with your pants down. Give us a call! 


EDI is the best decision you can make for your remanufactured equipment needs.  I swear!