OEC 6800 Mini C-arms, for imaging extremities

I need some elbow room here!

At EDI we refurbish all types of c-arms, including the OEC 6800 Mini c-arms, for imaging extremities. Each time I see one of these pint-sized and powerful c-arms, I am reminded of a story of my fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Eckhardt.

OEC 6800 mini c-arm

Mrs. Eckhardt was a very nice lady but she needed her space because unfortunately for her (and subsequently, for me), she had the largest elbows that any of us had ever observed in our ten years of elbow comparisons. It appeared as though big pointy Idaho potatos had somehow grown out of the back of her arms and it was nearly impossible to sit there in that classroom and not notice them.

So one day, the day after I had spent recess in the supply closet for accidently putting a tack on Kenny Johnson’s seat, we had been given worksheets to do during class. Heads down, Mrs. Eckhardt told us, and no talking! I did not want to miss recess again, so I complied. Then the most unbelievable thing happened.

Within minutes, I heard some loud talking. At least one girl screamed. Still, I kept my head down. Recess was but fifteen minutes away. There was so much commotion I figured Mrs. Eckhardt would have to use those gigantic elbows to cram all the offenders into the supply closet. I was going to have absolutely none of that. What I didn’t realize was that Mrs. Eckhardt had fainted. I do not believe it was elbow-related at all.

Sometimes you just can’t win. It wasn’t until the Vice Principal came bursting into the room that I looked up to see everyone else crowding around her as she lay sprawled out on the floor behind her desk. Then – unbelievably – the Vice Principal yelled out, “Everyone get back!  I need some elbow room here!!”

He actually said that.

Maybe I was the only one in the classroom not yet freaked out since I hadn’t really seen much. Because at that moment, I recognized the humor in that statement and started laughing. I couldn’t help it. So, as the other adult teachers with normal-sized elbows arrived and were helping up poor Mrs. Eckhardt, all the students in her class were ordered out to the gymnasium.

pulled by ear

As this was happening, I – still giggling – was dragged by my right ear by Vice “No-Apparent-Sense-Of-Humor” Principal to his office. I spent the rest of the week sitting alone in his conference room during recess. At least I had plenty of elbow room.

This reminds me of OEC 6800 Mini C-Arms, refurbished by Eastern Diagnostic Imaging. They are small in stature but great for imaging hands, feet, wrists, ankles, and knees. There is plenty of room for elbows too, except possibly Mrs. Eckhardt’s.

What about the large Idaho sized OEC 9800 and OEC 9900 C-Arms refurbished by EDI? They are larger and more powerful, and perfect for pain management, general surgery, orthopedics and other studies more difficult to spell. All the refurbished c-arms from EDI, large or small, are completely refurbished, like-new, and with a warranty.

And here is another thing: we can also take in your own equipment, completely refurbish your C-Arm (or GE AMX-4 Portable for that matter), and send it back to you at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a refurbished one! So you see… sometimes you can win.

Eastern Diagnostic Imaging can help you win. We consistently provide the best refurbished x-ray equipment in the marketplace. With many years of experience, and we have the best and most cost-effective solutions for your x-ray needs. At EDI we stand behind our equipment. Our goal is customer satisfaction.

Give EDI a try. Think about it. No pressure. I’ll give you a little elbow room.