In the Spirit of Christmas

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‘Twas a week before Christmas, 
When all through the house, 
Not a creature was stirring, 
Except for my spouse.

Who was drinking martinis 
And a couple of beers, 
And waiving her finger 
And pulling my ears.

“The driveway’s not shoveled!” 
“The house is a mess!” 
“I’ve done ALL the shopping!” 
She was right, I guess…

I can’t say I blame her 
But I didn’t know 
That her mood would decline 
From just two drinks ago!

She said if I didn’t 
Shape up and behave, 
She’d call her old boyfriend. 
I think his name’s Dave.

Now that really got me. 
What do I do? 
He’s got a snowblower 
And he’s got a maid too!

So I bought her a present 
All dressed with a bow, 
And I cleaned up the house 
And I shoveled the snow.

And I thought about things, 
With snow in my shoe, 
About making life different. 
About what I could do.

If I had the chance, 
Some people would pay! 
I’d give them a wedgie! 
… Maybe one every day.

And there’s more I would do 
But the worst I would save 
For the truly annoying 
(especially Dave).

But for things that I love, 
Well that’s not the same. 
Like family and friendships 
And a good football game.

And to laugh at nothing 
Until you bust a gut! 
And to love those you love 
… no matter what!

Well… the chores are all done 
And the calmness ensues 
And my spouse is content. 
Now I’m drinking the booze.

And I realize how simple 
Peace is to behold. 
Just don’t be a moron 
And do what you’re told!

And if you always remember 
To do what is right, 
Then the Spirit of Christmas 
Will always shine bright!

At Eastern Diagnostic Imaging, we always do what is right. That’s the one big difference between us and other x-ray refurbishers. And our products are the best quality in the industry and our service is unmatched. Ok, so that’s actually three big differences! So, if you’re in the market for a refurbished OEC 9800 c-arm, GE AMX4 portable or GE RF room, you really should give us a call. Unless you want a wedgie, that is. And trust me, you don’t.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at Eastern Diagnostic Imaging.