New Year’s Resolutions


We all seem to make them. It’s about making changes, I guess. But what they all too often accomplish is making you feel disappointed for breaking them, which happens often since many New Year’s resolutions are made hastily after being “over served”. A number of years ago, at a time of diminished social awareness, someone I know well stood up at my neighbor’s party, shortly before midnight, and announced:

“Hokay lissen up my resolution is that I’m gonna keep all unnecessessary an’ unproductive thoughts to my own cranial head (hic!) an’… hey esscuze me shuddup Bill I’m still talkin’… an’ anyway I’m also gonna…hey who the hegg took my drigg??”

Obviously, there had not been a lot of prior thought put into that speech. Especially since “Shuddup Bill” was the host, who had, in fact, relieved said person of his drink.

It's all about changes.

I’ve made a few in my life. For instance, I’ve enhanced my worldliness by moving around the country a number of times over the years, usually because I was encouraged to. Apparently, most people are so fond of me that they want to share me with other deserving people far away. In fact, Bill has recently suggested that people in Oregon would love to have me there. I’m fortunate to have unselfish friends like that.

Other changes, though, have been due to my own decisive nature. You know… things like phone companies and garbage men and cable companies and massage professionals. I should clarify by telling you that those are just completely random examples. For instance, I do not actually employ a garbage man.

But my point is… changes can make your life better.

And I think you always need to make positive changes that will upgrade your life. Or your business. That’s where Eastern Diagnostic Imaging comes in.

For Instance.

EDI can provide high resolution flat screen monitor upgrades to your OEC 9800 c-arms. You can replace those old CRTs and join the modern world! And, we have different options for pain management and surgery applications.

Nexus DRF

And, at this writing, we are installing a dynamic flat panel upgrade to a conventional GE RF room. This is the first such upgrade in the world! No, I have not been over served! This upgrade replaces a conventional image intensifier (that’s soooo 2019!) with a Paxscan 4343 dynamic panel, utilizing the Varex Nexus DRF software and CPI Indico IQ generator. The future has arrived!

You really need to call EDI.

If you did not make a New Year’s resolution to try Eastern Diagnostic Imaging, it’s not too late.

We can make your life better by providing you with the best remanufactured x-ray equipment in the marketplace. And upgrades!! It’s about trust, and about relationships, and about standing behind our equipment and our customers. Our goal is customer satisfaction. We believe that by doing our job well, we will make your life better.  

So if you haven’t done so already, make the change to EDI.
If you do, then we will do our best to make it easy for you to keep that resolution!