Balance and Symmetry

EDI can balance your c-arm budget with an OEC 9900.


When I was younger, my right ear stuck out further than the other one. And I believe that was the consequence of being pulled by my ear all the way to the vice principal’s office in the fifth grade. And it was all because Mrs. Eckhardt had hilariously enormous elbows, which of course was not my fault. For years I looked like a school bus with the stop sign hanging out. So you would think that later in life I would have had more empathy for a girl I had nicknamed ‘Can-opener’ because of her missing front tooth. Nonetheless, I kissed her.


But just once, before I ended up in therapy. Another kid I knew had six toes on one foot. We made him show everybody. I hung out with him as much as I could so people wouldn’t think so much about my ear. But other than that I have always had so much balance as to cause wonder among my friends. They always seemed amazed that I didn’t fall flat on my face. People obviously have high respect for my sense of balance. And not having proper balance can make life unpleasant. That is, unless you enjoy falling down.


Two earrings, two pockets on your pants. Three Amigos, three wheels on a tricycle. They just look right. Unicycles? No. They look dumb. Symmetry is what we strive for. Ok except with pimples. When I went to my junior prom,  I had woken up that morning with two gigantic volcanos on my face, both perfectly centered on each cheek. Ridiculously symmetrical. I had never wished for the flu so badly in my life. 

But generally speaking, symmetry is good.


That’s why one martini is never enough, but three is always too many. Four is a symmetrical number too, but with four martini’s you could potentially tell your wife that the extra weight looks good on her. And then your ear will stick out again for the next decade or so. And you may discover a picture of a certain junior prom night taped to your forehead the next morning. I guess sometimes symmetry can be undesireable, but probably only with pimples and martinis.


At Eastern Diagnostic, we're balanced and symmetrical

Three letters… E-D-I. Any more letters and it would just sound W-R-O-N-G.

At EDI, we have the right balance of price, technical expertise and after-sale support for all your radiographic equipment needs. We consistently provide the best refurbished x-ray equipment in the marketplace. We have many years of experience, and we have the best and most cost-effective solutions. At EDI we stand behind our equipment. Our goal is customer satisfaction. We believe that by doing our job well, we will make your life easier.  

The OEC 9900? Now that’s doubly symmetrical. And purchasing a refurbished OEC 9900 from EDI can help you balance your budget! Balance and symmetry. That’s what I’m talking about.

So if you don’t want to fall down, get some balance.
Go for symmetry. Call EDI.