Briefs or Boxers?

EDI can open doors for you with refurbished OEC 9800 and 9900 c-arms, GE AMX4 portables and GE RF rooms with dynamic panels.

Briefs or Boxers?

Let’s start there. Those were the two main categories of the male species as defined by my father, who was well versed in that sort of thing, although he never told me anything about women’s undergarments. They were always referred to as “unmentionables” and so they remained clouded in mystery. But anyway my dad was in the boxer category. I was happy about that for the most part, since the connotation surrounding “boxer” far surpassed that of “brief”. The brief guys like Mark Baker’s dad probably didn’t think about it much. But boxer guys? They float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. And that was my dad, although he was a man of substantial girth and he didn’t float at all except in large volumes of water. His boxers hung massively on the clothes line as if to say “Go ahead… make my day.”

In sharp contrast, it is a known fact that you can not intimidate anyone with tighty-whities, no matter what size they are. My dad and his XXL boxers, however, were intimidating. But as I found out, it’s what is on the inside that counts. No, I’m not talking about the inside of the boxers. You know what I mean.

The Open Door.

I was 17 years old and supposed to be home by midnight, but I considered that to be a minor detail since my parents went to bed at eleven. And one evening Mark Baker, Son of Brief, relieved his dad of some otherwise unappreciated liquor. Not surprisingly, Mark wasn’t afraid of him.

boxers vs briefs

Later, with diminished abilities, I crept silently (I thought) into my bedroom at around 3 AM. That’s when I heard the dreaded sound of heavy footsteps. Dad was coming fast. I dove under the covers, fully dressed, and yet fully aware that I could not fake him out. The dim nightlight in the hallway illuminated the big angry man, who was stuffed into his humongous boxers. I was so busted. He had to make his way through my brother’s bedroom room to get to mine, and that’s when things got worse.

The door exiting my brother’s room was open about half way – just enough that Mr. Already Furious Dad smashed his face edge-on into the door. He staggered, grabbed his face, hollered, swore, and then began speaking in tongues, I believe. I was about to be a dead man and I knew it. But then… something extraordinary happened. Out of the darkness, I heard my brother start laughing. And despite my survival instinct, which was strongly urging me to leap out the window at that moment, I started laughing too. And unbelievably, after a tense moment of silence, so did my dad.

The boxer had thrown in the towel. I was going to live another day! That open door had changed everything. It gave my dad his sense of humor back. Hit’em right between the eyes, I might say. He seemed to smile a lot more after that, as I recall. Not sure why that was.

Eastern Diagnostic Imaging can open doors for you.

Whether you are brief, boxer or unmentionable… it doesn’t matter. It’s what is on the inside that counts! You really should give us a call. We consistently provide the best remanufactured x-ray equipment in the marketplace. Can you imagine the accolades you will receive by deciding to buy from EDI?

Open doors can change everything!