You don’t know Jack!

But don’t worry, I didn’t either. Or at least I didn’t think I did. But sometimes you know more than you think you do. I was asked that question once in college by two guys from some fraternity who had burst in my room and asked, “Do you know Jack Cassidy? And I gave them my stock answer at the time for most subjects and I said “Uh… no, I don’t know Jack.” After they left I went into my closet and pulled out this guy who had busted in seconds before, hands tied, no shoes and down to his underwear. He had said something like “Sir I have absconded from my captors, and I need the availability of your closet at this very moment.” And I had recognized him from chemistry class and his predicament looked dire, so I had let him in. So when he came out of the closet (hey stop it) I said, “You must be Jack.” And he was. I untied him and gave him a cold beer and some clothes to wear, not in that order mind you. So, as it turned out, I did know Jack! Jack was a very smart guy who always had a great command of the English vernacular. We hung out a lot together, and regardless of us both being impecunious (see what I did there?), we always had a great time. And since he joined that fraternity (I have no idea why), I was always invited to the keg parties. So that cold beer I gave him turned out to be a particularly good investment.
Years later, I was selling GE Nuclear Medicine cameras and I was unexpectedly thrown into a presentation about the competitors’ equipment. The knucklehead in my sales group who was supposed to do it had been over-served the night before and never made the meeting. I was the new guy at the time, and totally unprepared. The next thing I knew, there were over two hundred sales people and managers at this breakfast meeting, all staring at me as if I had a clue. My heart was pounding and my mouth went dry and I was suddenly very grateful for the evolution of sphincter muscles. I was way over my head. But I wanted to at least sound smart (like Jack), so I started blurting out the only intelligent phrases I knew, in no particular order, while throwing up random overheads to distract them. “Scintillation! Triple Detector Technology! Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography! Siemens! Toshiba! Absconded! Impecunious! Only a few clapped for me at the end so I knew it all went down badly. But one guy later told me “Man you sure know a lot of big words. I really think you had them so baffled they actually believed it.” Lucky for me, I knew Jack.

So what DO you know?

Don’t worry, you know plenty. And like I said, sometimes you know more than you think you do. Often, the solutions you seek are right in front of you, even if their hands are tied and they are in their underwear. And of course, you know this:

Eastern Diagnostic Imaging

Eastern Diagnostic Imaging consistently provides the best remanufactured x-ray equipment in the marketplace. EDI is highly experienced, fully dressed, and with a plethora of solutions for your customers’ x-ray needs. At EDI we stand behind our equipment and our dealers. Our goal is customer satisfaction. We believe that by doing our job well, we will make your job easier.
You definitely want to purchase your remanufactured equipment from Eastern Diagnostic Imaging. Why? Because at EDI, we know Jack!