It’s an economical way to move into the latest detector technology.
It’s the smart thing to do.

And other things are just dumb.

I’ve done some very dumb things in my life, most of which I’ll never speak of again. But some of them, what the heck.

Years ago, I was painting my house. I didn’t have a ladder quite long enough for the highest point on the side of the house, so I put the ladder on my deck, climbed onto the roof, and had to hang over the side to paint the top section. That was considerably dumb by anyone’s standards, but I was about to look dumber than a doornail in Uncle Charlie’s outhouse, as my dad used to say. The wind blew, and the ladder fell, and it was about 90 degrees outside and no one else was home. So I sat on the hot shingled roof for about an hour before help came, thinking about that poster with two eggs frying in a pan and the words “This is Your Brain on Drugs”, and wondering exactly when my backside was going to burst into flames. Dumb was how I felt. Years after that, I fell off that same ladder, two stories high, and broke thirteen bones. But that’s another story.

When I was in college, I was eating in a Ho-Jo’s late one night with some less than honorable acquaintances. I’m not going to say we were impaired in any way, but I do remember ordering a “fried order of side clams”. Anyway, when we were done, I was putting my portion of the bill on the table when everyone else ran out the door. I could not believe they did that. Nor had I been previously informed. And as I did not have enough money to pay for everyone, I casually strolled out, whistling I think, and waving to the waiter (who waved back). Then I started running. I had no idea where my dirtbag friends had gone. But after a few minutes I stopped running, and I went back. Why? Because I’m an honorable guy. Oh, and I guess partly because, in my haste, I had left my wallet on the table. That night did not fare well for me. Again, dumb was how I felt. But did I mention I was honorable?

Eastern Diagnostic Imaging. Now that’s what you call honorable.

At EDI we have the technical expertise and after-sale support for all your radiographic equipment needs. We consistently provide the best refurbished x-ray equipment in the marketplace. We have many years of experience, and we have the best and most cost-effective solutions for your customers. At EDI, we stand behind our equipment and our dealers. Our goal is customer satisfaction. We believe that by doing our job well, we will make your job easier.

If you don’t give EDI a call for your refurbished x-ray equipment… that would just be dumb.
And don’t forget about the dynamic flat detector upgrade to the OEC 9800. That’s smart.