Eastern Diagnostic Imaging has been selling and servicing diagnostic x-ray imaging equipment since 2006. Since the very beginning, our leadership team and our associates have been led by three very important ideals. 

1. We make partnerships more important than sales. 

2. We prioritize quality over costs.

3. We value integrity more than profit.

GE / OEC C-Arms


The leadership team at Eastern Diagnostic Imaging has been in the x-ray imaging business for over 100 years combined. We love what we do and the people we get to serve. It is our goal to ensure every customer is fully satisfied every time they work with us. Learn more about our x-ray equipment sales & service team.

Gary Shaw

President & Founder

Gary is the President and one of the original founders of Eastern Diagnostic Imaging. He has been in the imaging industry for more than 30 years. Gary entered the pre-owned x-ray equipment market in 2001. Formerly with DuPont and General Electric, Gary’s experience has enabled him to develop an extensive dealer relationship through the US. He holds a third degree black belt in Chinese Kenpo Karate. Be nice to him.


Paul Gonyea

Founder & VP Manufacturing

As a founder of EDI, Paul serves as the VP of manufacturing. He is responsible for new product development, and the maintenance and continued improvement of the remanufacturing processes, quality systems, and technical aspects of EDI. 

Paul began his professional career as an FSE for GE Healthcare after discharging from active duty in the US Marine Corps. He continued his career in imaging service with several companies where he learned the processes for remanufacturing diagnostic imaging equipment including R/F, Portables , C-Arms, CT, and Mammography.

Paul is known around the country for his forensic x-ray abilities, and he is critical to the success of EDI.


Dan Bond

National Sales Manager

Dan joined EDI in 2013 after over 25 years of experience in X-ray. His training in electronics began in the US Army, where he served as an avionics technician. That training brought him to American Radiographics, Inc., where he gained over 15 years of experience in remanufacturing R/F rooms, AMX portables and OEC C-arms. Dan transitioned to sales in 2006 and hasn’t looked back.

Now Sales Manager at EDI, Dan has brought extensive product knowledge, high level sales experience, ethical character and a great industry reputation.  It was an easy decision to hire Dan. Plus, he has a nice boat.


Fran Rezendes

Plant Manager

Fran has been remanufacturing and servicing x-ray equipment since 1988. Hired by American Radiographics, Fran became Paul Gonyea’s protégé.

Fran is responsible for all the processes related to the production of quality remanufactured, refurbished, and repaired equipment at EDI.  Fran ensures that each system that is sold by EDI meets or exceeds its expectations for quality. He and his team also provide technical support for all EDI products.

If you’re an x-ray service technician, you probably know Fran as he is an excellent resource to know. Our reputation for consistently excellent product is thanks in large part to Fran.

Cassie Pontes

Controller & Office Manager

Cassie joined our team in early 2020 as our Controller and Office Manager. She has since been handling many aspects of our business including accounting, order management, receptionist, payroll as well as AP/AR, ADMIN, HR, IRS, DOT and probably some other acronyms. And she does all that with only two arms. Cassie is a talented, conscientious, and dependable asset for EDI and is a real pleasure to work with. So, if you call EDI, be nice to her. If she sends you an invoice, pay it. It’s that simple.

We feel extremely fortunate to have Cassie with us at EDI!


We partner with many x-ray service companies across the United States who sell and service our products. We also provide our products and service directly to hospitals, imaging centers and clinics. In every case, we never forget what has made EDI successful: Partnerships, Quality and Integrity.

We are proud to be a veteran owned and operated company. 

“I am very proud to be a founder of Eastern Diagnostic Imaging. And I’m proud to mention that my partner in business, Paul, is a former (and always faithful) Marine Corps veteran. It makes a difference in how he does things at EDI, and subsequently, how we manage our business. It helps us remember to always have the best intentions, be honest, take pride in our work, and maintain our integrity.

Although I did not serve in the military, my father served in the Navy during WWII. I also have a son who was a Marine Corps infantry officer. He served in Afghanistan. So, in that way, I did serve. As every loved one who is left at home serves. I have learned a lot from my father, and I have learned a lot from my son, and hopefully I will continue to keep learning from my partner, Paul Gonyea, who brings us a level of accountability that only a veteran could bring. ”

Gary Shaw, Founder & President