AMX-4 Plus Portable

AMX-4 PLUS Portables

The GE AMX-4 PLUS is the most reliable portable on the market. For over twenty years hospitals have relied on the dependability of the GE AMX-4 portable for their imaging needs.

The EDI process guarantees that each AMX-4 Plus system will operate like new and be useful for many years to come.  Please refer to the matrix on the products page. We offer these systems as Remanufactured, Refurbished, and Repaired AMX-4 Plus systems. The professionals at EDI will get you the AMX-4 portable that you need.

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Structural reinforcements
All worn and broken parts replaced
Current upgrades and FMIs
Column +/- 270 degree rotation
Horizontal arm rebuilt
Rebuilt Base assembly
Latch upgrade
Upgraded Charger Board
AMX-4 Plus HV cables
AMX-4 Plus main cables
Noise suppressors
Base anti-static grounding cable
Collimator Rebuilt
All bearings replaced as necessary
New hand switch with new cable
Chassis reinforcement
New collimator cable
New rotor cable
New Super Flex HV Cables
Cross-hair window replaced
New arm lock
New Batteries charge cycled
All bearings replaced as necessary
New bumper pads

High frequency generator
GE AMX-4 Collimator
100 mA constant
4 kVp stations
kVp 50-125
30 mAs stations
mAs 0.4-320
LED display
Rotating Anode X-Ray tube
MX-75 275 kHU
Focal spot .75mm
Variable speed motor drive