GE / OEC C-Arms
GE OEC C-arms are the gold standard in C-arms. In surgery, pain management, orthopedics, urology, rehabilitation services and many other areas, the OEC 9800 and OEC 9900  continue to be the systems of choice. These c-arms have unparalleled reliability and aid in diagnoses and treatment. At EDI, we offer these pre-owned OEC C-arms for 40-60% below the cost of a new system. This is the best C-arm in terms of value, quality and reliability. Whatever the purpose, a used OEC C-arm from EDI will deliver the results you can depend on. Read about the categories of our pre-owned equipment here.

OEC C-arm Upgrade to LED Monitors

We include the LED monitors in every EDI remanufactured and refurbished c-arm. We can even upgrade your existing 9800 C-arm to LED monitors at a very reasonable cost! Read on below for more information on upgrading your C-arm to LED.

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