What Our Customers Say

"SO….I think you should somehow have ended this wonderful advertisement article with a phrase about Satisfaction Tendered Above Reproach. That is who you guys are: STARs. Thank you for sending Gary and thank you for the good work you do at EDI. Give Dan and crew my/our best from MXR."
Zane Phlegar
MXR Imaging Solutions
"Thank you all for your GREAT service! We heart EDI"
Bruce Callies
Big Sky Medical Imaging
"I wanted to share with you the excellent service Adam Gracia (EDI employee) provided this week to our customer. We ordered a 9600 C-Arm for an Ortho practice that has a history of purchasing from the internet. As a result, the practice has 2 non-working C-Arms in their office. An OEC 9000 and an OEC 9400. I explained that ... he would be better served spending a little more money, and getting a better system. He agreed to purchase a 9600 that EDI had in stock, and was anxious to get it.
We placed the order on Monday, five days later we scheduled shipment. Adam left on Sunday and drove to Winston Salem. He arrived at the office on Tuesday late morning, set up the new unit, showed the customer how to use it (he had used a 9600 before), and even removed the old non-working C-Arms. This was above and beyond the required “delivery” for this system.
I explained to the customer - and everyone I have spoken to since - that this is why we deal with EDI. Thanks so much to EDI and everyone involved. Please let Adam know how much we appreciate his efforts."
Trip Hale
Regional Manager, Blue Ridge X-Ray


We partner with many x-ray service companies across the United States who sell and service our products. We also provide our products and service directly to hospitals, imaging centers and clinics. In every case, we never forget what has made EDI successful: Partnerships, Quality and Integrity.

We are proud to be a veteran owned and operated company. 

“I am very proud to be a founder of Eastern Diagnostic Imaging. And I’m proud to mention that my partner in business, Paul, is a former (and always faithful) Marine Corps veteran. It makes a difference in how he does things at EDI, and subsequently, how we manage our business. It helps us remember to always have the best intentions, be honest, take pride in our work, and maintain our integrity.

Although I did not serve in the military, my father served in the Navy during WWII. I also have a son who was a Marine Corps infantry officer. He served in Afghanistan. So, in that way, I did serve. As every loved one who is left at home serves. I have learned a lot from my father, and I have learned a lot from my son, and hopefully I will continue to keep learning from my partner, Paul Gonyea, who brings us a level of accountability that only a veteran could bring. ”

Gary Shaw, Founder & President