The Best Garbage Man

Best Garbage Man

There were a lot of things my dad told me when I was young that made no sense to me at the time. “Never blow your own horn”, for instance. So horn-blowing, I noted to myself, was something to be practiced only on someone else’s otherwise unused horn.
Got it, dad.

But then one day, and somewhat to my confusion, he bought me a slide trombone and signed me up for the school orchestra. Next thing I knew, I was getting hollered at for blowing “that dang thing” at home. It must have been a test. Guess I should have listened more closely to what he had told me earlier.

And then there was the time I asked him what he thought I should become when I grow up. He told me that I could become a garbage man for all he cared, just as long as I was “the best garbage man in the world.” Now, that wasn’t exactly the vote of confidence I was seeking with respect to my economic potential. And besides, at 10 years old I had already seen a few garbage men in my day, and frankly I could not discern any significant difference in their garbage-hauling abilities. But then along came Al, who would indeed prove to be an awesome garbage man, and who, in my later years, would not rat me out no matter how many of my dad’s empty beer cans he saw hidden inside brown lunch bags. Nor did he squeal on me about a certain trombone he found… the one my dad would forever believe had been stolen. 

At some point in my life, I realized that my dad’s lessons were about humility, and about being the best at whatever you do. And at the expense of sounding like I’m blowing my own horn (sorry, dad), you should know that EDI is a lot like Al the awesome garbage man, except with significantly better hygiene. We care about the quality of our product and services, and we care about our customers. And we know a lot of things too. We know that by doing our job well, we will make your life easier. As your imaging partner, we will provide you with the highest quality refurbished x-ray equipment and after-sale support in the marketplace.  

Do Your Best

We may not be the best garbage men but are the best X-ray refurbishing company in the World. And I say that with all the appropriate humility.