Purchasing Used X-Ray Equipment Requires Courage and Trust

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When purchasing used x-ray equipment, some of our most primal instincts can be triggered. Namely, fear (am i making the right decision?!), acceptance (ok, I just have to do this…), and courage (please let this be the right choice!). 


Everyone experiences it. I think for me, the concept of being afraid started many years ago with that scary thing under my bed. I was so terrified that when I turned off the light by the door I had to make a running leap onto my bed since I preferred to risk smashing my head into the wall rather than getting my feet anywhere within reaching distance of that thing. Sometimes, I actually did smash my head. One time I hit so hard that a bookshelf came down on my head and I had to get stitches. That is my first recollection of fear. But, I didn’t let the scary thing get me, and I never let it stop me from going to bed.

Later on, getting dumped at 10 years old by Lois Daniels lent no assistance to my self-confidence and my subsequent fear of rejection. As a result, my first real attempt at getting a date went something like “Hey um… you probably don’t want to go out with me do you…? Yeah… I didn’t think so…”

Then there was Nick. I won’t say his last name or he might hunt me down. Nick was rather large and scary looking and in dire need of personal hygiene. He enjoyed picking me up in a bear hug and squeezing me until I passed out. I’m not kidding. I was very afraid of Nick and his armpits.


You have to accept that fear and danger are necessary partners. If there wasn’t a certain risk involved, it wouldn’t be as rewarding when you succeed and don’t actually smash your head on the wall. And sometimes you have to accept some things for what they are. Just like I had to accept that Lois (that little tart) liked Bobby better. And Nick? I accepted him for what he was too… a lonely kid who desperately needed a friend and some direction in life. So I hung out with him once in awhile, under the agreement that he would direct all our bear hugs toward Bobby, “who I heard called you a goon, Nick.” That was rewarding.


This is the place that fear will lead you if the bookcase doesn’t always fall on your head. Sometimes it’s as simple as standing beside your bed at night and finding that facing the scary things in life only make you more courageous. And rejection? It makes you tougher. Don’t let the Lois Daniels’s out there keep you from going forward to the next challenge. And be brave enough to find something to love about everyone. Except maybe colossal buttheads like Bobby. 

Fear, Acceptance, and Courage

Any salesperson knows that asking for an order takes a certain amount of courage. Buying medical equipment requires that you overcome the fear of making a mistake and accept that what you are being told is accurate. It requires a certain amount of trust.


Eastern Diagnostic Imaging can remove all the fears of this intimidating business by providing you with the best remanufactured x-ray equipment in the marketplace. Just accept the fact that there is a lot to love about us. At EDI, we stand behind our equipment and our reputation is important to us. Our goal is customer satisfaction. Next time you are out looking, give us a call to purchase your next used x-ray equipment.

We believe that by doing our job well,
we will make your life better.

So for those of you who feel like you’re being squeezed… have courage. And when you catch your breath… give us a call. Trust me, it will be rewarding!