Trust me, they said.

Trust me, they said.

I have fallen for that more than once in my life. I trusted by buddy Kevin when I was about 15 years old. He was under the hood of his car and asked me to take this thing and stick it there and take that thing and stick it here. I inquired as to the expected result of said actions and he said, “trust me”. And I did. And I don’t know how many volts run through an automobile engine, but Kevin laughed as I got them all.

I trusted a college friend, Scott, with the fireworks I had purchased on a road trip I took with him to Daytona Beach while we were in college. But while I was in the shower, he lit a whole pack of them and threw them out the hotel window directly above an elderly gentleman who, up to that point in his life, had a perfectly nice head. Accompanying this man at the time was his large nose-smashing son who subsequently exacted his revenge on the first available proboscis that emerged from our hotel room, which unfortunately for me, did not belong to Scott. The elderly gentleman? He was fine, but since he happened to be the owner of the hotel, well, you can imagine how that turned out for us.

When I was younger, I trusted Kenny with my pencil, who promptly returned it to me by securing it in my butt cheek. #ouch

When I was older, I trusted Greg with the keys to my dad’s Bronco. They keys were returned upside down, still in the ignition of the upside-down Bronco. #groundedforlife

In later years, I trusted my doctor, who told me that the colonoscopy would not hurt at all. #helpmejesus #imcominghomemomma #thatsgottabeatelephonepole.

And I even trusted myself with the notion that I had superior ladder climbing abilities until thirteen broken bones convinced me otherwise. #worsethanacolonoscopy #moronsandcatheters #morphineplease.

So… you always need to be careful who you trust. And you need to know that you can trust Eastern Diagnostic Imaging.

Give us a call. You will not be disappointed.

#Trust me!